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Attention Vegetarians

Watching CNN's conclave broadcast and seeing all those cardinals, I was reminded of the Rafatollah guys. Haha. #LFC

Yun pala "AA" is after "Z" pa. Toinks! Hahaha. Actual View:

Funny story about the seats; I was VERY excited. I thought 1st row…

Naku! Patay tayo dito! :) #LFC #KOPinoys

. Here you go, mate.

Pepe Reina on Jose Enrique's goal. #LFC (via LFCbob)

#Lakers' Christmas Day game with the #Knicks suddenly got interesting after D'Antoni. Also, they'll be wearing this:

Top 10 Best (and Worst) Educated States, and How They Voted. (Even funner? Taken from a FoxBusiness article! )

Walter Materazzi posing with Zizou and well, himself. #TheHeadbutt

Respect to fans for this. #JFT96

"You'll be LB tomorrow, Enrique is shit!" #LFCcaptions

If you're currently an iPhone 4S user as well, this might be enough to hold you off that upgrade to the #iPhone5

The Big Bang Theory

Apple Event on Sep12, where the iPhone5 is expected to be revealed. After that day, iPhone4S will mean iPhone4Sale ;)


Hahaha. #LFC #Assaidi (via RivaGe)

Olympic Spirit.

This is just SOOOO Wrong! #LFC

Apparently, Brendan Rodgers has asked #LFC to restore the original TIA sign.