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It was 80+ this morning. It's freaking cold now! Mainly because of the wind.

Why does Sergio do the "4" thing anyway?

I hate when my buko doesn't go up the straw w/the juice. #firstworldproblems but it's probably a #thirdworldproblem too

my first coolhaus trip (I think last year). I travelled from Palmdale just for this <3

if you hover on the tweet this pops up

Any closer&I'd call the cops 4blocking my driveway.don't think I didn't realize u were parked on the other side earlier

new twitter

my dad has a faux hawk. Are faux hawks hipster?



According to I think I'm good. But my fingers are a bit pudgy.


Hope no birds fly by

nice tv broken. Last job gave me free old tv with wonky coloring

lobsta truck

Tornado potato.

frysmith #3

frysmith #2

frysmith #1

don chow