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I can still fix it! #stilllivingin2007

Did you really feel that was necessary, autocorrect?

BB Kian channelling his inner Julio Iglesias

Can you tell I like that song? I also have a text tone of it.

This is us spending quality time together.

is it just me that sees the resemblance?

Laurent was at the store.

Rockford files. Whut.

This is my favorite picture on our fridge. Kian's got this awesome WTF look on his face.

Don't worry he won't eat it all tonight.Oh & the peanut butter is just there from breakfast.Dunno why it's on the table

Why wait RT : If this goes to 5-5 I will have to start drinking vodka from the bottle.

I pressed enter. And yet it is still Facebook instead of twitter. Wtf.

This bitch...

There's a sad face where my bowl used to be.

Retired papa and unemployed Mischa.

Handwriting... Why you fail? #whatthefuckdidiwrite

old Filipino Jonan from the back!

Fuck my non-air conditioned life.