The H2H Waitress ;-)


Watch Shane The Hurricane Helms place his order every Wed on Highway 2 Helms 7pm EST/4pm PST w/me THE Waitress!!! ;-)

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Good Thursday morning! Have a fabulous day!!! :-)

Okay time to work this ... Yippee!!! :-)

Me & had a great time @ dinner w/ We'll see u soon! Safe travels to ya!!! :-)

Gotcha w/ the 1-2 Punch Bug Watcha gonna do??? Nuffin! :-)

And again! Punch Bug I'm the champ!!! :-)

Punch Bug

The game of Punch Bug has turned into cut-throat now that I'm up 6-5! is ready ... Lol!

Great seeing yesterday! Love u & we'll talk this week!!! :-)

We had a little issue trying to park! This girl was a TOTAL bitch!!!

Okay then ...

It was very touching 2c all the <3 & support 4 ! Proud of u baby, we're a team to the end, I love u! :-)

Another group shot! A FABULOUS group of people! Thank u so much to ALL of u!!! :-)

A couple of pictures w/ fans! Everyone was so great! :-)

A couple of pictures w/ fans! Everyone was so great! :-)

Long time friends! :-)

WCW days & :-)

The girls ... was MIA! :-)

A legend & a friend! :-)

Edge made it out last night! We appreciated ur support! :-)

Ric Flair made it out to the event, too! :-) The WWE boys!