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Expect one of these in your mailbox very soon xo

Skin disease or spent too much time at mac?

"I feel like I'm going to diabetic shock"

New marc jacobs swaggggg.

Super classsssy getting crunkk lol jks its a Shirley Temple

How fricking cute is my new macbook case. Death by cuteness.

Whole view of toronto from casa loma :) ♥

My beloved fitness class :)

The confusion you feel when you read this, is the same confusion I currently feel. White flag...

Ahhh happiest girl in the world right now! Minus the knee injury.

Google mapping beverly hills. People in socal don't realize how lucky they are.

Finally found this baby!!! You are mine revlon lip butter! ♥


The view from inside my umbrella. Much more calming than a view of the school. #makebelieve

Whitest frozen yogurt everrrrrr I win the metal

I take dip dye hair to the next level. Half blonde half brown aw yee #newtrend #yes

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