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Wow, had real Texas BBQ for the first time making all California "BBQ" taste like cheap McDonalds.

Lipstick purse explosion.

Found my new favorite juice: spinach, broccoli, ginger, apple, cucumber, and celery

Placemats at Kelly Wearstler's dinner. Sooo amazing!

Was stuck in an elevator with 13 people for more than 45 mins. on the side saved us via Google.

More tweetable than Teen Vogue, group of bloggers as Roscos.

My boss just called me chicken shit because I wouldn't hold his dog like a baby. This is his dog.

Nice people and readers are just awesome!

My Target is lazy or popular. But I'm thinking lazy.

The only 2 shoes I packed for #nyfw have been complimented and relatively comfy for 10 hr days. Thanks !

Was amazing seeing Elie Goulding perform again. She likes Kenya

Today is the perfect day to be wearing a sweater, wool pants, and velvet shoes.

This girl takes it WAY too personally when I "take her nose and eat it". She sasses until I spit out her nose.

Aww, condolence flowers from . What an amazing guy. Love you Teddy. My mom will greatly appreciate them!

When asked me for a contact but then realized he had one.

It's not a Disneyland pass.. but kind of close.


it's 5 o clock somewhere...

I don't know what these numbers mean, but two of the potential years are expired. Trying my luck anyway!