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I do not brag. Just watch fag.

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This track still

Smfh look at alllllll the fucking pity in my receiving corps

I made a fuckin panic pic on desean Jackson and drafted him as my 3rd pick smh

RT : I'm in the building for that madden work holla at me PSN: Butta329


This track dumb wavy

This gonna be you at the end of the season RT : winning the whole thing idec

Remain sleep

Yes sahhhhh!!!

Dog this shit right here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

yea those tough but word to blood these more John blaze than those

My nigga Stack definitely learned right from me how to get his chill wave meter all the way up

chill chill fuck w this beer for the summer

I know you heard this before you prolly just ain't catch that one part lol

In case you forgot this what beer wave we on for the summer

Nah they need to put this shit in the next call of duty yo

Lol yo I would just buck at niggas from around the corner all day if I had this burner

Man my nigga Stack got big as shit