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Gaby was actually standing on my feet here. I'm really not that short guys. ;) lol

I thought this was just car wash money but I guess this is what 3 real dollars look like. :) I had no clue lol

How am I supposed to get outta the car w/all this water on the ground? *here I go!*

Loving the outside right now. They gon have to call me when a patient is ready.

EEEEEK! I'm so scared and stuck on this studio chair cuz this think is in here. HELP!!!

Blessed to have been a part of this. Rally 9.25.2010 in Tempe.

His name is Blue. That is what he looks like when he's watching me eat a brownie.

Lunch time!

This guy was super crunk tonight. Wow. Lol!

Yesterday. Becuz our dog Honey wears one my niece wanted this one to wear one too!

Why was this us last night?? Smh. I'm sure this was 's idea. Smh. Lol! Smh.

Another night at GC...

Anyone interested in having and caring for her. She's a pit and she's 1 year old.

Bout to be Bomb!

Awww is growing up right before our eyes. Lol!

I WANT! Somebody please stop that paleta man! Lol!

My nephew put on mascara the other day. Lol! Attractive.

#baglady hahaha!

I should've brought a sweater. Lol.

Making progress!