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Sam Adams Boston Lager, you complete me!

A whole aisle of snacky cake foods. I'm dying.

I love pretzels and I love bagels. Tell me, how magical would it be if they were combined? Book it. Done.

Reason no. 163 why I love the USA

Why I love technology...

And here I thought Jesus would use a Dyson. #rapture

Poor Macho Man.

NHL bans Green Men but this happens. I can just picture Gary Bettman sitting alone in his office pounding his fist into his desk when he saw this.

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Ahhhh Craigslist ads...You give me giggles.

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Dear Lady Gaga,

I see weiner.

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Rachel McAdams butt gif is 287 kinds of awesome. I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring. There goes the afternoon.

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Way to go Vancouver Canucks!! Three more wins and you get to wear these jerseys!!
#NHLPlayoffs #sharks

Joo don't fuck with Luongo. #canucks #Sharks #NHLPlayoffs

Let victory be brought. #Canucks #Sharks

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Well, there goes my childhood...

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Separated At Birth: Maria Shriver and The Predator

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Go Nucks GO! #NHLPlayoffs

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Worst Wolverine blowup toy ever

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Kenny Powers knows his Photoshop, muthafucker!

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