Have not yet been there, will eventually have done that. Work at staying in good spirits, it's worth it :)

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Wow , I know it's the holidays, but this is embarrassing. looks cleaner #classy

I wish terrorist was this friendly

Round 2 still drag!!!


Fog machine was on full blast, but Dion in the crowd

Just as I was about to say he only has one string left, Dion royally fucks his bass up

hell yeah

DIY lightshow, fucking nice

Defense ready.

. builds (& rebuilds after destroying) their own pedals, & I can only assume their head units

Guitar dismemberment, as promised #BleedingRainbows #troubadour



Well that was completely awesome of my boss :) #LAKings

Hey WTF?! To I have to lug the whole thing back to the store now?!?

After work home project for the day (so far): Destroy 80s grandma light, replace with new Ikea hotness! #needpaint

Sportin my new favorite shirt... thanks #lakings

4 streams going, 3 on standby, its an obsession today #lakings #FuckWork

My Focus S, looking good in the best way possible :) #wp7 #LAkings

My current desktop #lakings :D

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