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This happened. <3

Thank to the handful of people who yelled, “I found Waldo!!!” It made me a happy camper.

I was on my way to check out a wedding vendor when I bumped into this beast.

Thank you Japan for being so serious about your creeps that you would make it into a cake.

I normally don't like coconut juice, but this is delicious!

Various flora of Korea. My iPhone camera doesn't do them justice though!

Searching for tweets by location is pretty crazy. Some people tweet so much you can pretty much trace their daily route. #turnoffGPS #beSafe

Mint chocolate with green tea works really well at yogurtland. Plus they have Sanrio spoons!

I figured it was only going to be 30 mins anyway..

Cup & saucer is too expensive. They need to hoe themselves out if they expect me to spend this much!

I couldn't bring myself to use the floor toilet but then I ended up with a bad bidet experience.. ><

The only Starbucks I found that's actually spelled out in Korean!

Dish 2 octopus see!

Just saw the ajima at the street market wipe her cutting board with a filthy rag. This'll be fun. Dish 1

Slighty morbid, but always happy.

Honey bread is the only dish in Korea that actually makes me giggle while I eat it. Slightly crispy outside and soft inside.

I love how Koreans always put calorie counts next to their desserts. ^^

Kalbi pizza with asparagus, onions, and sesame seed mochi pieces..ooh with a stuffed crust.

I noticed in the countryside Korean clothes are both thin an expensive. This panty is USD$9.00! Victoria secret is cheaper.

Random concert! Though I'd enjoy it more if I wasn't sweating so bad ~_~;

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