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BLUE NIGHT 2012 in London, thaenk you very kamsa.


Yay! Akiko saved the day! AKIKO SUGOI! (Sugoi is probably the only Japanese word I learnt in Tokyo :P) #TheKingOfDramas

I'm just looking at Seung Ho oppa & melting. Yoon Eun Hye, that lucky ahjumma. T_T #YooSeungHo

Just look. *_* #SungkyunkwanScandal #ParkYoochun *swoon*

Ahhh, #SungkyunkwanScandal, I thought moustaches were a no-no on everyone. Pah! Have you SEEN Geol Oh?! #YooAhIn xD

Lots of people checking out my K-Drama Review on My Princess this week! Wonder why?! teenagekmedia.blogspot.co.uk ;D


#nowplaying Hey U (Big OST) - Venny - Hey you, kamanisseo issji malgo, come here ~ I wanna be your star! #Big

LOLOL I love this edit!

Happy Peppero Day! I want a box of Almond Peppero mmm...

IU & Eunhyuk trending worldwide! OMO OMO ~ what a scandal IU has caused!

She did get to live as Si Won for a while though & love Yoon Jae, lucky girl *sigh* #Reply1997 #JungEunji #SeoInGuk

Well... She did get her make-believe Yoon Yoon Jae though *sigh*

"I was jealous of Sung Si Won!" We are not alone, Eunji is with us! (She's so pretttty!) #Reply1997 #JungEunji


*makes a whimpering sound* haygwuwqydhswueahhheweeeeeaaaaa oppaaaaaa xO

Ah... Lanterns in Asakusa, looks like bliss xP

I want to go shopping in Harajuku again!