Javier Azarcoya


soulful bass music dj & producer. 1/3 of @holistixdnb. 4th level collective. soul deep. peer pressure.

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praise be to jeebus!!!

blue dream

apocalypse meow!

tmobile 4g stomps it

somebody forgot their chips at my house, now theyre getting eaten hahaha

my phones app and the led sign at Patrick Henry middle school

think that url is wrong, page cant be found...

i just made and ate a sandwich, even made 2 for lunch tomorrow, youve been channeling me today haha

el carro de Loeb es increible

you need a partner for tuning in for the mass landing #ufo #ancientaliens #aliens

i literally just waxed my neighbors turtle hahaha #realturtle

at work but the game is on the break room #notworking

yeah, just saw it on my phone, maybe try new browser ot clear cache

dinner with &

i saw this bed today and thought youd dig it, its my new life goal to build something like this for myself

my dad gave this to my cousin instead of me