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Here is 's press release. Note the larger font at the end of the third paragraph. Odd.

  • 710 days ago via site
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"because no one knows who's jamming" shows up as "no one knows christianity" with CC'ed clip. What???

  • 763 days ago via site
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See the subject of the email. According to Groupon, my dad "gave birth" to me. I wonder if my mom's uterus agrees.

  • 791 days ago via site
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Dear God, I hope the $101.99 in "fees" is a typo. #Springsteen #RogersCentre #Ticketmaster #foronepercentersonly

  • 833 days ago via site
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A pretty good iPhone autocorrect ("Beck" = "back").

  • 849 days ago via site
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Sports Illustrated is clearly going for the tween market with a timely Live reference...

  • 855 days ago via site
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Was there no better picture of Kate McGarrigle for the piece about the tribute, ? Come on!

  • 867 days ago via site
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It's always classy when people add sophomoric commentary to a dead celebrity's (here, Ben Gazzara) Wikipedia page.

  • 908 days ago via site
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I really did once own that Agassi outfit (yes, even the shorts - though they don't appear in this picture).

  • 918 days ago via site
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Here's what I was referring to. Was it really that hard to include Pervak's full name? #AusOpen #graphicsfail

  • 927 days ago via site
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Because I couldn't live in a world where this Justin Bieber Christmas card didn't exist.

  • 954 days ago via site
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I feel that Sad Michael Bolton should've been to the 1990s what Sad Keanu was to 2010.

  • 1097 days ago via site
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So my parents have a new dog, and she is perhaps the most photogenic dog ever. See for yourselves:

  • 1112 days ago via site
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Wilco presale fail.

  • 1114 days ago via site
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Free glasses from Clearly Contacts have come in. Debating whether to keep them as backups or go full Jarvis.

  • 1178 days ago via site
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Stay classy, Justin Bieber fans: 's Wikipedia page a few minutes ago.

  • 1263 days ago via site
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Sad Keanu and his new friend, Sad Rafa! #Nadal #AusOpen #AustralianOpen

  • 1281 days ago via site
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What you miss on cds & downloads:giant suggestive inner gatefold pics (this is Tanya Tucker's 1978 LP, TNT). Classy!

  • 1364 days ago via site
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Got this #voteTO #Ward19 flyer in the mail today.What's going on with that left hand, "Ted" (David Footman)? #fail

  • 1386 days ago via site
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My favourite campaign sign yet in the Toronto mayoral race - I guess they're not Rob Ford supporters? #voteTO

  • 1388 days ago via site
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