Tools have two ends, weapons have one.

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October crocus #NYC

Maybe fix the typo before applying?

I guess Yahoo’s ontology finally stabilized so now they can shut down the breadth of human knowledge. (cc )

Very meta: Google translate fails for Izvestia story on Russia demanding last 6 months of metadata from Google.

Assange live #WikiLeaks book launch


"Party of one?" At the #WikiLeaks book launch w/

Another #fungus of the day

#fungus of the day

Early big data: Sancho Panza describes men on the earth as hazelnuts on a mustard seed.

Here’s the drone from below w/i a few secs of taking that footage.

Hey : your new "DNS navigation assist" is scummy, and making it cookie-based is even scummier.

Pretty much sums it up.

Google and Apple collaborate on a Cageian performance of silencing U2, “ 38’53” ”: http://youtu.be/5JlQv6MYe8s

Internet governance archeology: #ICANN buggers up the “” process, paper edition.

Fourth-grade reading homework guidance distills just about every bad thing you've every heard about educrats.

Irving Penn compost #NYC

#fungus of the day