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Habis fansign dikasih poster. Kinda stupid, mbok yo posternya dikasih dulu, sign di situ. Ini sih autographed paper.

Ini 2 member B1A4 namanya siapa yaa? #tanyaserius

fiaa, kamu apal member b1a4? ini siapa ya? hehe

Mau pamer ke ah klo aku udah punya cd-nya jeketi 83

Got my JKT48 CD today! Arigatou mas yang udah mau dititipin, hehehe hehehe 8D

remember this photo? anyway, i cropped you x))

Baekho <3

JR team won the medal, but i ask Baekho to give it me, lol

So i'm playing game with JR.

feb, ini harganya

hai, kami ada ready stock 2PM official lightstick @ 250 ribu, bouncer @ 210 ribu, hairband @ 175 ribu :)

Kangen liburan bareng lagi deh :')

Full photo with Minhyun-Ren. I didnt mean to ignore them, but i only focused on Baekho, Aron, JR x))

I only asked Aron to sign on his page. The other members signed on the album cover x))

Aron wrote happy birthday to me. I'm going to treasure this :')

Aston Martin One-77. James Bond car in Skyfall, currently on display at VivoCity.

Dinner with at Silla.

Happy birthday Seungho oppa, sexy leader. Be a great appa ㅋㅋㅋ I love you~~

Tanjoubi omedetou Ikuta Toma-kun!! 28? You sure look younger than your age :*

Perlengkapan nonton konser tupiem~