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Today beautiful sweet people brought me these bracelets and wrote on my arm as the hours passed. 14.5 hour meet and greet. Today was love.

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For the last night.

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How to make Wednesday night in an LA hotel room suddenly feel like home.

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Hanging out with is super fun except for the herd of domestic cats that follow her around.

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This ones called 'best man cat'. ( and )

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New app: Catpaint. It will change your life.

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A first for me tonight: trimming my bangs backstage in the quick change room in between songs.

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So.. We might have flown to Alabama for a surprise show today.. One of those days I'll always remember and smile. Thank you Auburn.

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Before we all took our shoes off and ran.

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My new iPhone wallpaper!!

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Ahhhh!! sent me the most incredible, giant flower arrangement after the CMA's! I could not possibly love Ellen more.

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A kitty for .

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Getting photobombed by Daniel Craig = Priceless.

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Today is a celebration, because from now on when I make a bad joke and someone rolls their eyes.. I get to say "You know.... some people think I'm entertaining."

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Outside the arena, this guy is selling "Ride a White Horse" pony rides. And yes. That is a cardboard cut out of me next to him. I don't think it would be possible for this summer to get more entertaining.

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My junior high excuse to not participate in push-ups. "My arm is double jointed! I can't do it!"

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My favorite moment so far today. It's good to be back in my home state.

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really puts the "fun" in Fundon.

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The fans outside my hotel made me a Fundon shirt, simply reinforcing why I call it that.

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On the way to Robert Allen's birthday party. He is British. We decided to represent. UK, here we come!

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