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I'm pretty sure she's trying to say 'vote for VMAs.' http://mtv.com/ontv/vma/

I'm pretty sure she's trying to say 'vote for VMAs.' http://mtv.com/ontv/vma/

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Hong Kong, that show last night was unreal, this tour was unforgettable. I will love you always :) Farewell Asia!

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We found ourselves in the middle of a street parade.Only one thing to do in this situation: thumbs-up tourist pic!

  • 1964 days ago via site
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Went to go buy a coffee maker-- saw another 13. Took it as a sign that I purchased the right coffee maker.

  • 2126 days ago via Echofon
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Nothing like a leisurely Sunday afternoon, sitting in my car in a middle school parking lot.. WATCHING LARPING!!

  • 2127 days ago via Echofon
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Dear Kennebunkport, Maine-- I like you.

  • 2130 days ago via Echofon
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Maine. Again!

  • 2130 days ago via Echofon
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So, red was a common theme today in the Minneapolis fashion scene..

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Performing at the Target National Meeting in Minneapolis has it's perks. :)

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So I'm just driving down the street, eating fig newtons, minding my own business. And then... It happened.

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I love you too!! I hope your Friday night is pretty. Check out what Nashville looks like right now!

  • 2135 days ago via Echofon
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Good one, dad. Hahaha

  • 2139 days ago via Echofon
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About to leave Tokyo after playing two shows here in Japan. Loved it! Now I'm sitting in this Dr. Evil chair I found in the airport.

  • 2147 days ago via Echofon
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I landed in Japan and got 20 texts and looked at iTunes and got tears in my eyes. And so, we begin again. :)

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Saw the cutest movie last night. Cried like 4 times. Plus, check out the theater number..

  • 2157 days ago via Echofon
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About to put together a puzzle, then hang it on my wall in a very prominent place. Because people I adore gave it to me.

  • 2172 days ago via Echofon
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Patriotic footwear. You're welcome.

  • 2182 days ago via Echofon
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and I, sitting on a porch eating BBQ, discussing American history.

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Local produce tent = yay!

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is SLAYING a bass part in the studio right now.

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