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Left-handed, right-brained. #FerrisState Design Student/Enthusiast. Pizza Connoisseur.

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"It's only been one day since we had an attack. We need to step up our velociraptor protection." Ashley Sudney

More excitingly, one of my Emigre orders came today! #gooddesign

Good Choices on the 3rd floor.

"Don't put lipstick on a pig." - ..perhaps not the GRDE meaning shown here...but it's what I was thought of

We are smart. We work together.

Mom visited today and brought me the cutest, mini-fridge friendly jugs of cider.

I love looking at old Graphis annuals.

Tips for surviving GRDE.

My victory over Melissa at rock checkers in downtown BR, hahaha

A whole bunch of goodies graced my door over the 3 months I was away in Jersey! #yeahbuddy

BAUHAUS vanity plate! It was tough to get the photo as it was moving...I wonder if they are a designer.

My boss's "health drink" made with wheat germ and 7 fruits. Today was the first time he got me to drink it all.

Sponge left in the microwave. Sometimes I wonder about this place... #lol

in the 4th of July parade with these crazies! :)

The ride to work was made pleasant thanks and their autographed CD I received yesterday!

Batting practice. Phillies vs Red Sox tonight!

Ouch... but It was worth it.

Row one, seat 1 & 2! Let's go Phillies!

Cape May, NJ. Cement Ship. It just chills in the water all sunken and stuff. Cool sight to see.

Let's go Phillies! Citi Park.

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