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A #Northeastern email just went out about the untimely death of junior cinema studies major Siddhant Phadis.

After a month of hour-long sort-and-purge sessions, this is a badge of honor:

Real slide from U.S. Air Force powerpoint on drone use: "660% increase in 6 years!" Feels like I'm buying a used car.

Vermont Voter's Guide for People with Disabilities: 's camp didn't respond for request for a statement:

I know, Mittens, I know. Because if I vote for you, you might just win Vermont. lul

The movies section cover today is so well-designed I'm putting it on my wall. 

We need to talk,

My photo is on google news. Awesome!

God RT'd by last night and this happened. Thanks for the follows, everyone!

Thnx to , I'm now on the list of those whose heads have been photoshopped onto Miley Cyrus' body.

While you're fancypantsing, I'm punkin' it hard in the 802.

Here's one for the books. working on our Vermonster at Ben & Jerry's in #btv ()

Changed the avatar; green for St. Paddy's day!

Just in case you thought you had seen everything...

- What show? Let me know.

I now know what I want to dedicate my life to...

I love you, Digg.

So this is how it happens... We had a good run, America.

Actually, USAA, I think I'll just keep my money in a savings account... if that's cool with you, Smokey.

Foreplay, mmmmmmm...