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Love what you do, do what you love, love who you are, and happiness is ensured. :)

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So I normally don't read into sauce packets..but this one is like a horoscope! ;)

How am I supposed to read this, it's like..hiroglyphics!

; lookie lookie!! #greenapples

"Happy Thanksgiving..I'm getting ice cream!" -its healthy because of the blueberries!

Me and Em are goin' ham on this skype chattt! :)



Electrical strip plugged into the ceiling outlet #chemistryclassistooghetto

Epic Screen Capture #imreallycool :)


Heckkk yes! #brokendownonthehighwaynomore

#newspaperlove :)

; #spaghettidinner :)

Please note my double gutter and cole still only beat me by 9 points #realchampionrighthere

Life Of A Seventeen Year Old, #legitbirthdayparty

My mom has fallen asleep facebooking #partyatthegordonhouse

Disfunctional Signs Group? -Check

Urban insults #bafreakinha

likes to creep on kids with awkward hats #freakinLOL. :)

I kinda feel bad because he is old, but that's just bad parking

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