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Why is "Do Not Eat" in quotation marks but Throw Away isn't? Is it being sarcastic?! Am I REALLY MEANT TO??

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And here, for context, is the tote bag. (cc: ) But wait! Let's take a closer look...

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On the windowsill of a pub we frequent is this old bottle. The faded label reads "Not for internal use: POISON".

  • 1329 days ago via site
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"Unscrew cover to insert battery", it says. I never should have bought a second-hand clock from Professor Layton.

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What a disappointingly limp sausage I have.

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Frozen chickens.

  • 1346 days ago via site
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Out at the Forest of Arden Hotel - sadly not for a round of snow-golf, but to rescue a car with a flat battery.

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Bench in the snow. I think I'll stand, ta...

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Someone appears to have absconded with my street.

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Also unearthed: A page from... er... a Banjo-Kazooie bullet train-themed calendar? #YourGuessIsAsGoodAsMine

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Of course, it wouldn't be a desk move without some resultant prankery...

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Tonight, Twitter, I shall be reviewing the following Christmas Present.

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Mum's hand-knitted woollen Santa - celebrating his 40th Christmas!

"...What box?"

Dylan, meanwhile, dives right into the wrapping paper...

Echo, one year after joining the family, regarding Christmas with suspicion.

D'aww... left me some presents! #Minecraft

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The Bullring at Christmas.

...and from up here you can see it's a huge U-shape with two entrances. How mysterious!

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...I've never seen a formation like it in MC, so I built a beacon tower to help me find it again...

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