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Actor, filmmaker, gamer, leo, explorer of the mundane, enjoyer of puns and always curious. Born & raised on Am. Samoa. Crabs not included http://t.co/4PJAujHQ

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Adding some polish to my vlog videos. What can I say, I'm a fan of poppy thumbnails! #fb

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead…LOL…so happy to be watching this movie again. Hah, #thespians

Here's what I found in the Gary Oldman department of 's Instant Watch. Third time watching this! #stoppard #fb

Just connected w/ someone on Facebook. Accepted her invite. Here's how it went down:

"There aren't enough scoundrels in your life.." - Han Solo. Good as any line from Gone w/ the Wind, or Casablanca.. #fb

What's up 2007?! #Acting affords me (ironic) the opportunity to try other jobs...#author #wildernessexpert #fb

. Had me on the big screen in 2010's #SFIAFF, and now I'm back! (Blessed and grateful). http://bit.ly/yK2oKZ #fb

A share-worthy response to my last blog entry. Read the rest of it here: http://kreenpananas.wordpress.com/2012/01/12/how-to-avoid-digital-lash-backs/ #cyberbullying #fb

Hmm, something a little off about your URL v. blog title. Someone get on that, ASAP! Lol...still, go Mollusk! #fb

Feliz Navidad! #puntastic

And side note / Sure, why not. Every direction is viable, long as there's fun to be had!

Definitely one of my top favorite original movie soundtrack, #THEFOUNTAIN --remarkable film, IMO. What did you think?

One of those photos that just happens to come across my timeline...

Thanks for the support . YOU ROCK! #fb

Holy cow! Ran into the first director to cast me in a film. SFSU, 2001. Paid me $20 to be a pie eating contestant! #fb

I've never won a raffle in my life until today!!! #ECCTYC . Picked out a bottle of wine for my prize! #fb

Just networked w/this guy. At some point the nut got on the tracks to get some b-roll. My kind of nut! #indiefilm #fb

Like. #facebook #fb


This would be a pretty song to play during a action movie montage with the protagonist working on his come back... #fb