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and then there’s the huge pan of veges (and there ain’t no way Nix will eat those!)

this is the eye fillet .. There will be some left. Bet you he has some when he gets home!

hehe that’s fantastic! Here’s the recipe

What am I doing? Oh you know … just killing the entire world with my plague called Delta

One of my favourite pet portraits from today - Miss Sophie had her playtime first and was most relaxed

Had a cool afternoon at Metro Paws Open Day - fully booked with mini portrait sessions for the dogs

So it’s definitely not P for ‘Pro’ or ‘Photographer’ then :)

Devastated to hear that an old gentleman boxer I photographed on Friday died this morning - no more pain buddy x

Rainy Sunday .. Good for naps #kuriclub

jay and nix are in the same position! But she’s done no chores today - unless playing is a chore :)

I want a frozen daiquiri and 2 hours on this Fijian reef …. And a hammock!

oh yes!! ✨

It’s serious stuff this mini and giant pumpkin germinating! //

beautiful day down here too. I’m waiting for my breakfast and then I’ll get my kit together

#kuriclub this is Maisy who goes to doggy day care with Nix. I got right in the pit with the dogs today!

the lovely big piece of green on the right side of the river (between Fairfield and Wairere bridges)

Okay DIYers … how do I secure a mirror to concrete blocks without damaging the blocks?

I use FolioBook on iPad most of the time. Printed only occasionally. Carry so much more with iPad

this is simple and a large solid black cat - you can use it if you want :)