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Dandelion girl

Ace says #WeAreWinter! #HockeyPets

Ace says #GoHabsGo! #HockeyPets


I’m laughing because of what this thing generated for me to say to “thanks for keeping me fat” …


I'll just pretend this is sesame seed oil and rice wine vinegar SIGH

Toronto Maple Leafs fans……..

Please do your research before scaring someone wanting to table at a con in Quebec OTL law 101 is not new…

I made the arm worse

Starting today off on the right foot: happy Canada day!

When employees don't clean their knives and you get someone's strawberry jam on your bagel :/

Who's the fuckin douchebag who hit my car in the parking lot and ran? Seriously fuck you


Catching up on sailor moon on hulu 8)

It's a good day for swimming!!

Nonononononono don't go!

Something went wrong. The shoe on the left side is laced wrong woops…

Messing around with threading ribbon :) I like this look, now can I replicate it on the other shoe?!

My little monster