I am Karen, beloved of Brandon and of God. I love life, play video games (esp WOW as OLF), and I am truly an enigma... Even to myself at times. :-)

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At home at the farm.

Ginger tea!!!! #omgyum

this makes me smile.

Hey, ! You should tell to get you this! #hobbylobbyfind

This must mean the goopy green is a success. #itissoooooooogood!!! #fb

That green goopy stuff? Homemade guac! #yum! #fb

Brandon's "normal" at #fb

H2O.... Times 2!

It is slowly becoming an addiction.

Got this when i went to work yesterday! I was very happy to celebrate my bday in style w/ the fam. #fb #bestjobever!

Dinner!! #fb

Smith or Tennant? I vote Smith. #fb

Garlic press of dooooooooooooom! Thanks

This was 's iced white mocha. Yes.... He finished it. #coffeeaddictinthemaking #fb

Even after living here 3 years, this is my first time here. #fb

It's that time of year again. #eggnogfrenchtoast

A tale of two boots #shouldabeenaDickensnovel

About 37 hours later. Still swollen but getting better :)

Ankle is majorly swollen. #ivedoneworse #fb

Sup christmas coming early I have to say I love the drinks and the flavors of the season!

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