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My #CineFilePhoto is from Dark City. I elect

I’ve been working on my next tattoo. This is what I have so far.

She looks like this

. one officer barrels in ASKING for ’s phone, another gives it to him & he begins searching it

Make up your mind, Metro. #KateBush

It’s amazing how much Vic Mignogna looks like Kirk. #StarTrekContinues

Sidney Oh yeah???

Boy, those are some unique female character designs, Disney… (those are 3 [giant airquotes] ‘different’ characters)

Wow. Talk about targeted marketing.

“What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?”

“What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?”

I’m looking at a security camera showing a man who’s not watching the security cameras. #Inception

Your new bumper sticker. hehe (see "Eddie would go")


Wow. I wonder if this is greater than the air friction shred speed for paper?

#vergeoldschool Hmm… looks familiar.

Gene Simmons’ football team should have helmets that look like his.

Supposedly this means “wear a box of scrolls on your head”

Totes legit.