Music adoring, history loving, slightly sarcy, glass half full*, cat pamperer. Witty in my own mind. *does not always contain wine

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A living wall watered by collected rain at Monk’s Cross, York. Walked past it once without realising it was there.

Giving this unusual cider a bash. It’s enjoyable enough for a try now & again. :)

Son decided to carry a rock in his hood for a while. As you do.

Haha. You need northern blood in yer veins Jon. Lol. I climbed this monstrosity Easter Monday. :-o

3 rooms approx £380 for all of us? Just from a quick look.


I have had an idea how to revamp my kitchen cupboards, based on this photo in a magazine. ;))

Lol you are both too generous & kind, but look…. :-o

I’d need to prise it out of son’s hands first! Lol. Btw thinking of using this letter template… Hehe.

You two are behind everyone else’s mother. Hehe. #twerking

It was OK. Bought for the nam really. Lol. Olly is pleased to see us after a few days away. #catnews

It’s been great Jon. Look at this fab garden.

It’s a Kate Moss Rimmel one. Lovely colour I think. :))

Possibly my favourite photo from last weekend. :))))) #Glasto

Oooh. Are you going camping? A & I are tent experts you know. Lol. Putting Glasto tent down…

I have posted some!! Tho not this one of two jiving divas! ;) #Glasto

Not on my TV they’re not. Lol.

We have candle torches for the last night at the Pyramid Stage! Yeahhhh! #Glasto

Flags at the the Other Stage. #Glasto

Can you see my tent? Lol. #Glasto