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Can be reached in Japan via UK VOIP: +44 121 286 97 33 / US: +1 201 793 7240 東京に住んでいるイギリス人です。Tokyo-based digital media producer, husband, iRun inventor...

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まだ満開ではないね The cherry blossoms aren't in full bloom yet #Sakura

Megaphone army prepare for day of crowd control near Budokan, one of Tokyo's most popular areas for viewing Sakura

Starting my new bedtime read. First real paper book I've read in about a year (audiobook fan me) #BornToRun



I did thanks... It's quite a special hat, for mobile broadcasts

here we go.

(I expect person in loo next door is wondering what I'm taking photos of)

B Gates baby, Yeah!!

There's got to be a vending machine around here somewhere (9km point)

Just said bye-bye to who's continuing on to Tokyo

Good morning Barcelona. I like your rooftop bits. I see your cathedral is still being built. Better get up now.

Now there's imagination for you!

碑文谷では木でも自転車で行けます in Himonya, even trees can travel by bicycle

Holiday fund money box - staggering that these coins are collectively worth £760!

At Sony HQ showroom for demonstration of location porter mobile broadcast system, Tokyo Marathon candidate #tm2011

Dessert overload? Well, I've worked bloody hard this week! #wedding

Another wedding, taking place here in Yokohama, Japan #LarsAndTomoe

So, which one do I use?