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What's expressed on my twitter are not exactly R rated. You have been warned. I'm tall and gay. Happily partnered to @voenixrising, but I will talk to anyone.

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My sexy bugger!

I'd do Rick Perry, he is kinda cute in that I am too stupid to remember that I like chicks kinda way.

Submitted without comment. (I am crying as I am reading this...)

Which STD is right for me?

A race for a cure...

I am waiting for the day when I get essays like this...

Can i get married to a woman, make $17 million, divorce 72 days latter and still get married again a third time?

This is why i would never get a phone with siri... My sarcasm would get me in too much trouble...

This is why I wash my hands every 15 minutes...

this is why i love coming to school on thursdays... Free facebook time...

I think in order to hold any political office the candidates need to take a year of classes in American history.

One millionaire could pay for 1 teachers aide, 10 reams of paper & enough pencils to get a kid through high school.

I am not scared I won't have SS benefits, I know I won't. I'm more worried for and my mom.

So is saying the Warehouse 13 has been canceled? Hi Eddie, you're dreamy...

But why wait?

Re: apple dudes... YES you are!!!

This is 's first ... he likes it, he really likes it..

One apple product that I would NOT buy.

I work hard for my money, so hard for my money... #GPOYW

Did you get to see this today?

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