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activist, writer, Hollywood award winning animator, political commentator, musician, co-creator of Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book

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my BushMaster AR-15 Ad reissue, because, Man Card.

I've reissued the BushMaster AR-15 Ad..

I repeat let's #BanAllGunAds like cigarettes.

get your man card punched, bro..

. Here's the Guy who called Nate Silver "effeminate".. Pic taken near McDonald's dumpster..

John, I Re-Issued the BushMaster AR-15 ad..

Ad for BushMaster AR-15, because Man Card.

Get Your "Man Card" punched with The BushMaster AR-15:

BushMaster AR-15 Ad. Because, Man Card.

my version of Bushmaster ad

I've Re-Issued the BushMaster AR Ad:

I've re-issued the BushMaster AR ad:

NRA deactivated its FaceBook page? Must have been after THiS:

I make Art. Okay?

I repeat

We need to take guns out of the Equation..

It's Time to Remove Guns From the Equation:

Minecraft Birthday party for boy, homemade Creeper Piñata will be present, my sculpture major ready paid off :)

7 yr old troubled at school so I created "MineCraft" money, for every period he gets a Smily Face he earns 5 minutes

Remember GWBush pardoning a Turkey? As usual he fucked it up. Turkey Won.