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activist, writer, Hollywood award winning animator, political commentator, musician, co-creator of Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book

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Nope, Prez was actually "Skeeter" shooting. Now you know..

I love it when they drag him out of his den, beady eyes blinking in the sun.. Then there's the Groundhog..

My Latest artwork for a potential comic book, exposing FBI entrapping protestors, CREATING idiotic Terrorists

Paul Ryan Sad That Obama Quoted Ryan Correctly http://t.co/yEJZSDrM Here's Ryan's "Sad" Face:

There, fixed the last pic I uploaded, didn't want folks to think I'd gone Crazy or something..

I love sea anemones, so peaceful. Did I mention how well the new meds are working? No?

Sadly Scalia discovered long before the end of Inaugural he'd run out of leeches..

Later Scalia's considering swinging by the courthouse & painting a buncha Jesus's right there, on the ceiling..

RT : Thousands rally against stricter gun control in US http://t.co/ciottRZi #GunsOverPeople /

Gun Appreciation Day Number Two:

RT : ok micheal...YOU do indeed win photo of the day...wow /thnx, lol, made yet another:

. Gun Appreciation Day Protest Photo, all fixed..


. I'm here to assist #NRA with ad campaigns

Dear #NRA I'd like to help you with your ad campaigns..

The Face of The #NRA

One thing I appreciate about FaceBook is how everyone wants to share "wisdom"..

. I think Bachmann can handle Corn just fine by herself ;)