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activist, writer, Hollywood award winning animator, political commentator, musician, co-creator of Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book

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Right Wing Answer to Gay Marriage & Just About Everything Else..

Oh how times have changed, eh, ? See how a Real Woman drinks? Sissyass.

Hey, anyone else remember Sarah Palin insisting in speaker contracts that she be given "bendy straws"? Oh, and Jets.

And of course Sarah Palin proves yet again she will SWALLOW for Corporate Money.

Trump Speaks to basically EMPTY ROOM at CPAC, Bhwahahah..

My dear Seen this?

This is me.

Self Portrait of GWBush in the shower at The Hague.

Only one problem, text book, the filthy satan worshipping "hippies" were Right all along..

Yeah, baby, Hendrix..

Yup. This guy for Pope.

maybe this one if you like them..

. maybe this will work..

plunged to 60 degrees here near LA, oh, the humanity..

King Richard The Third Sports his new Crown..

RT : Everything you need to know about Obama's #Skeetgate http://t.co/Q0wydxU6 /here's mine

Dear Britain - Sculptor here, interested in potentially creating a Headstone for King Richard The Third. One idea:

. appears Wayne's been Crazy for quite a spell.. Seen this?

it appears head of NRA avoided Nam, because, Crazy.

Wait a minute Mr President, what kind of shotgun IS THAT?