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Quicker than #F1 driver Time Glock around Daytona Sandown park in a DMax kart :-D

  • 481 days ago via site
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#Facebook pissing me off now. So desperate to get my hometown it's making "quick click" suggestions on home page!

  • 491 days ago via site
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Come on is your info wrong or are you intentionally not selling a download til 2 days after release date

  • 526 days ago via site
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Not seen that before - Album recommendations showing up in my #FaceBook feed based on what it thinks I'd like

  • 536 days ago via site
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Amazon MP3 store #fail ... Why recommend something I can't buy yet? The Hurts album at #3

  • 541 days ago via site
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Ad seen on #facebook. At first glance wording suggests encouraging you to share your #SkyGo account!

  • 553 days ago via site
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Amazon #fail. Shipping a film in an oversize box too tall to fit through letterbox. Had to collect

  • 554 days ago via site
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#Nexus10 boot log. Left=base 4.2, Right=4.2.2 (looks less but was mostly using 4.2 one in last week)

  • 556 days ago via site
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#Android telling me “Unfortunately, Plume has stopped” So why is it still in the task list? Poor excuse for an OS

  • 557 days ago via site
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So #Linux mint 14.1 gives same problem. Installer can't detect presence of a partition table that's clearly there ...

  • 560 days ago via Plume
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Right, #Nexus10 upgraded to #android 4.2.2. Let's see if this fixes stability and LED issues ... #FingersCrossed

  • 563 days ago via site
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I'm in disgraced MP Chris Huhne's constituency. Hard to vote for those playing tactical games e.g.This new leaflet

  • 567 days ago via site
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Google appears to have a slightly odd idea of "Device Support" - a blank page. Says it all

  • 570 days ago via site
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Raided the new ex-pub Tesco's discounted fridge ... £9.30 of stuff for £1.28 :-D #banquet

  • 579 days ago via Plume
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Either youtube's got it's info wrong, or 3D printers are more impressive than I thought - downloadable CDs? ;-)

  • 615 days ago via site
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Hmmm seems Google reckons #SCD's is even younger than he looks ... :-)

  • 615 days ago via site
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Live chat gave this msg at about 2pm GMT (linked via help pages from UK account) Time sensitivity #fail

  • 644 days ago via site
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Hey - What's this handset in a TV ad? It's not an N9, but doesn't have the Lumia 8/9xx WindowsPhone keys

  • 667 days ago via site
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#ScanGauge installed in car. Now to see if I can use the readouts to improve fuel economy!

  • 672 days ago via site
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Place your bets - this #SecureCode checkout screenshot - will it have charged me, or done a transaction for zero?

  • 677 days ago via site
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