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Chicago, your advertising impresses me. #projectwindows #magritte

Chicago, your advertising impresses me. #projectwindows #magritte

Chicago, your advertising impresses me. #projectwindows #magritte

That one time I ate the pavement crossing Michigan Ave. in a dress. So graceful.

Current theme: gritty satire. Minus the new copy of The Princess Bride, got that just for the cover design. #hpbhaul

Some people dream big.

26 orders out the door! Woot!

First big mail drop! #doingwork

Feels accomplishing to use my LAST shipping envelope for a new order. Thanks to everyone who’ve bought cards! #etsy

Harnessing my inner hipster today at the Arts Market.

Okay, not going to lie… I love packaging my cards as much as I love painting them. #designnerdery

You’re in luck! I just made an extra! RT : MY GOD! We’re gonna need more quiche!

Just in case you ever need a spotless crime scene… #justsayin

Amazing seeing the Blue Angles fly in formation over the backyard. So close I could read the wings! #ipeedalittle

One 40¢ poster board + some tape = a mini kitchen table studio. Here's to sprucing up ye olde Etsy page!

The Billiken is definitely the creepiest mascot to date. #MarchMadness

RT : QOTD: "I'm not hating. I've got Jesus and a unicorn here." #crazycoworkers

I found bucket mans BUCKET!! But no man?? The contents are surprising. #thequestforbucketman

Siri just doesn't understand!

Add this to the list of logos that make me giggle: (University General Hospital)