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Fitness Instructor, Student, Irish, 80's Film & 90's Music Enthusiast. Tweets are my own unless I stole them from someone funnier and far more intelligent.

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Dear Blackberry users, even when the Metro gets it, it's time to change to iPhone.

what's a good klout score? How is it gauged?

Matt used to moan about me not taking my head out of my phone or laptop to talk. Now he doesn't speak to me. #convert

For those who didn't see it, here is a pic of proving their worth

Has anyone else noticed the daily mails conflicting version of the knox appeal verdict

Do I need these

Similar to me?! you're a cunt

Has anyone done the whole sleeping persons hand in a bowel. I'm tempted.

Matt after 36 hours in the office. Seriously, 36 hours in the office. His manager just phoned, I cancelled the call

Halloween sorted

I have to say I prefer he bigger. Did you enjoy it? I actully found it profoundly sad.


See pic

when is your birthday??

forgot I took this today. View from Top floor of sighthill campus. #rubble #sighthilldemoliition

not very practical I guess.

got it yesterday.