prof.dr.tyler durden


as seen in the wall.street.journal&ppai! ps-Rule #9.Great advice @swagclub is always free. Always.shockinglyhumble--Facilitator of the #instigators,member #149.

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Oh. Shit. It all makes sense now-the number behind the genius , our lively instigator #3.14.

no one puts baby in the corner,hph.All our scrappy instigators shall be issued said #sausagefest button

T minus twelve. #sausagefest. No button?no sausage! itykwim

1800, 6 ish #1.2. But remember, #sausagefest has rules. No button, no sausage.

I can't quit you,#31.8. But if you gotta go that way at least make it one of ours- we can help.

Praise.the.maker! #sausagefest flair is here! No button, no sausage.

we have an app for that.come jack our little #sausagefest. But beware- no button, no sausage.

k. Ps- one rule for #sausagefest. No button, no sausage. Itykwim.

might? MIGHT? I keep it near all my fave french fiddly bits.

Early christmas! For the sscl only. #Bmaclt

Seriously considering tattoo of p.228 of the new book- the thank you economy.Dont tempt me-it';s.dat.damn.good!

Oh,shit.Project #interruption went out un.illustrated. Try this live action shot,post #wotc! Go#21&#23, forever. #swoon

What? Me #shrm sassy? Yep. Ps. No koozies in the tiki bar. Ever. Itykwim

'I can haz cute bucket hat?' Yep. If ya gots button. #shrm sassy girls,ftw.

Wwnyd? He'd write a letter. I hope neil young did it. It helps make things better.#TEDxSptbg


nice flask,#148.

you'll see my sugarmouse!

breaking rule#6. Both legs. At a wedding. #Sockfullaminis. Just instigating& storytelling. Really. Authentic. Intimate. Unexpected.