I'm not so good at the advice...can I interest you in a sarcastic comment? Nutella and rap music are my life, staying classy and fabulous since 94'.

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I miss you more bbG

snapchatted saying I'd bedazzled my nails and this is the response I get I am HOWLIN

It just hit me how much I wish I was going to T

Made it safely to Tenerife, here's a snap of me being fabulous

she's adorbs!! reminds me of how I act at 19...

just chillin with simba

partying haaaaard


wee studio shoot today...

I believe I met a friend of yours today....

Iggy is so fabulous

friendly reminder that...

hi I'm suzy, and welcome to my bar

so this just got raped...

on a welsh beach innit

made it to a service station somewhere in england, it's really pretty here

oh my days look at the playlist I just found on 8tracks!!!!

all ready for goodbye celebrations with the fashion gals

time for work