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When the people I follow answer each other (possibly without knowing it): &

WTactualF, Wall Street Journal? Seriously? In a headline?

Hey there, , here’s the chat log and the promise of the penalty fee waiver you said you can’t see. has discovered a new place, just south of Reading…

.’s gloves. I’ve half a mind to leave them like this.

Though according to ’s URL checker, they appear to be blocking their own site under parental control.

I am so, so bad at taking liquid medicine. This glass of rehydration salts is staring me down quite successfully.

Seriously: Minions. Made of cake. *head a splode*

How big is the Great British Bake-Off? Big enough that the tabs will make up any old shit to hang off its coat-tails.

Are you sure you want to do this? Not that it matters, because you can’t. So nyer.

oooh, read that years ago - loved it. dug it up out of my parents’ loft last month! might read it now too!

Oh noes! I got a Fail grade from Had no idea email was a test now. Must delete more!