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Apple: Here’s a digital wallet.
Stock market: Ooooh! Exciting!
Apple: And a watch.
Stock market: What?

Anyone want any paper?

Wow, when break something, they really break it.

And then not properly closing that box, so this happens. Gah.

Because putting a box of books on top of clothes is such a good idea.

So can’t pack crystal carefully, but each shoe, including trainers, has been individually wrapped.

Can’t unpack any more. In tears. I bought this in Australia when I was 18. Thanks for destroying it.

All our stuff. It doesn’t even fit in one shot.

This is AngloPacific’s idea of how to adequately pack and move a sofa section. Fucking appalled.

and is all set to write the next great American novel.

I see has not been keeping his software up to date. For shame!

So far so good!

.’s old toaster Mac has turned on after nearly a decade in storage. Now to see if it works properly!

The lacustrine layer coming in last night.

The lacustrine layer coming in last night.

Sheboygan is experimenting with a roundabout, though they are clearly uncomfortable with the idea. It has stop signs.

This is at the end of our (new) road. I look forward to my first walk along the beach.

You’ll have to share with &

Rather alarming sign in a Romsey butchers shop.

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