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Appears to be black hawk helicopter hovering over us in #Watertown. #7News

Firetruck rolled onto #LaurelSt. Thought mayb controlled detonation. Hearing ladder need 2 collect evidence from roof

I'm going to eat the last half of my emergency granola bar. After that... I'll only have gum left.

Sean Collier, 26, of Somerville. #MIT officer killed last night. You're a brave hero in my eyes. #7News

Closer look at evidence markers around a green vehicle that neighbors say has blown out windows. #Watertown #7News

Families who were cleared from home early this morning, now cleared from neighbor's home. #7News

We were cleared from our cars. Now a street away. #7News

The order "your attack on me!" #7News

Officers. All officers at #LaurelSt took off running guns drawn. Ordering everyone to take cover. #7News

This green car, neighbors say the suspects got out of, shot/threw explosives from, and took cover in. #7News

When you're 20months you don't care about armored vehicles and swat. You still wanna play. #Watertown #7News

A bullet casing left in woman's home after last night's shoot out in #Watertown. #7News

Bullet holes in home in #Watertown. Woman frightened, called 911, told to get low, stay away from door and windows.

Roughly eight families hanging out here near scene on #LaurelSt after being abruptly evacuated from homes. #7News

Family w two babies just told to get out. They're barefoot. #7News

Seeing scene here on #LaurelSt in new light. Police car. Armored vehicle. #7News

This armored vehicle with rifle-wielding officers hanging off sides is making rounds up and down #ArsenalSt.

This is a bit wild. There are streams of police cruisers going in both direction on #ArsenalSt. #Watertown

The armor van that left #MtAuburnSt. Has now arrived at other scene near #HazelSt. #Watertown

Police have another scene a few blocks from #MtAuburnSt. We're hearing they've surrounded home. #Watertown