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Sounds like something Zooey Deschanel would say.

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This flip cup game is so #huge I can only capture the half of it.

Staring contest. Elle looks so po$$e$$ed like she about to set on fire.

Chinese food so good, you gotta take it with you everywhere you go!

cute kids havin' breakfast

Let the good times roll ♬

My niece is playing Angry Birds right now on her very own iPod Touch. She's 4.

We're torn on what to play on the jukebox. Help us pick out of our top 3 choices!!

Fun with friends ☺

We just dominated in Photo Hunt. #highscore

Class Actress bumping in the Carrie-esque party scene of #Chronicle. Loves it

Behind the bar pouring my own beers. #schoolnight :\

My bf wears New Balance shoes. #seniorcitizen #didmymomloanthosetoyou #getout

Internet addicts of America: surfing the web whilst walking through the Oriental Theater.

Got a $12hr office job today thx 2 ! Also gettin' new wheels SAT thx 2 daddy, weee!!


The Good Son was based on a real life America's Funniest Home Videos contestant name Jesse.

Gettin' ready for #brewersondeck

Me and got picked to test out the new iPod Future at #UWM today!

♥: Finally seeing it again how it was meant to be seen! AS ONE FILM.

#nowplaying On the Way Down - Ryan Cabrera