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Seriously people. Killer app. #WiiU #WWHD

extremely well. Example:

Anyone think this will work?

Hey! Giant Boulder of Death is now the #1 free app in the App Store. Awesome!

Well huh. Spider in the door to our patio. Big’un, yellow markings and hairy. Looks. Dangerous.

So is this iOS 7 sign in for IAP in landscape thing a bug that’s going to be fixed or is it a mis-config on dev side?

And that is Layton/Miracle Mask finished. The only Layton I’ve seen through all the way to the end. Great stuff.

From watching the other folks coming to this I have deduced this is an old person’s concert. Damn.

Well, I sprayed it. It balled up. It’s either dead or plotting its revenge.

Walking down the stairs this morning I look out the window and see…huge ass spider hanging on a web outside. Ahh!

So presumably someone paid to put this in my Facebook feed. An ad? Or…what, what is this?

I am pretty sure I wore this vest at least once when I worked at Babbage’s. Could use an ironing.

Anyone need an extra ticket to the Nintendo Powerfest Competition in Chicago? Oh wait…I guess you missed it.

Mark your calendars people. We’re almost at the 20th anniversary of Mortal Monday. #FeelingOld

Remember this game? You probably don’t cuz it never came out. But I have the note pad!

I know you at least played LEGO City since this. You not doing Pikmin 3?

Viva la casual games! #CasualConnect

Caffeine free coke zero? Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?

Aim high, children.

That is a truck/family with a full-on menagerie of sticker people/animals.