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Well I'm not kid-tested but I am mother-approved. UX designer, dubstep lover, Vimeo addict, joke maker, and 1/3 of Voltron with @iboughtamac and @rhjr.

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The Fat Boys just became whack in my book!

Waiting for a conference call.

Some amazing album art right here.

I'll let you make the joke here.

My desk at could not be more awesome!

I could really use more smoke at this venue though.

So my waiter says "We don't serve this to the customer so be very careful" after I kept asking for hot sauce.

These are my friends.

Starting to think that is the best thing that has ever happened to my car.

That sure does put the forward behind him.

I think is my new favorite place! Old school 80s games and awesome art.

I see my own Superman and raise myself a psychic palm-reading pig.

Apparently Superman likes the Arizona Center.

Sometimes I wonder if I share too much with my friends.

My friend and I are about to unleash some destruction.

What a crappy fortune! Spelling and grammatical errors?!

My Valentine's Day plans include a Native American chef and a self-proclaimed space alien.

This might be a bit overkill...