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check out the word list from one of my other games!

Post #SeaMayDay March and I think my favorite part was the Healthcare folks barricading the cops from the rally!

are skyping with right now about their amazing campaign work!

Typical. SPAM in the spice drawer.

I got business cards! Whaaaat?!

I haz a corgi! Yes!

why hello. I never come on twitter but I'm glad I did. Cuz I saw YOU.

Word RT : From the river to the sea / Palestine will free

example of magic: Mr Faisal at Lafayette Coney Island and his balancing. that's in the back.

Most amazing #AMC2010 thing? Logic puzzles at Lafayette Coney Island

#AMC2010 posters from

#AMC2010 posters from

#AMC2010 posters from

#AMC2010 "I wanna fuck you but then I'd have to kill you. I wanna fuck you but then i'd have to bill you. With interest for your interest."

#AMC2010 music showcase is LIVE. Damn. The D and AMC IS CRACKIN!

In true immigrant fashion, we have left the bleachers to sit in the shade on some cardboard we found.

Mint Julep!

Kingfish Cafe with my baby!

South End BBQ: homemade grillin an Korean meats. Hell yes.