Life through my eyes, I'm Mollie rescued from puppy farm, have sis Ellie @ dolliebell1 my special friend is @skywalkerclark, just ♥ life

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I DON'T want to go walkies !!!

bin rabbiting over the fields but no catchin ..hehe..

bin rabbiting guys ..

yeh we bin over the fields lookin for rabbits.then we sat wif mum lookin at the view

Will always be in my heart my dear Hammy especially at christmas time#hammymemories X

#hammymemories remember the green dress, a lovely pressi

#hammymemories we had fun at christmas

fanks for bringing us together#hammymemories

have fun today catch ya later, I'm chillin at the mo love Els xx

Morning everyone #sossidgesaturday again !!!

Morning Moira as promised taken 33 yrs ago tomorrow How time flies !!

is this your church bruf ? Looks lovely

Sossidges pals on #cassiesporch Happy Valentines day

here's a pic of mum 3 cav all OTRB now sadly, all little monkeys !!

Just practising ! #owt2012

I've got lovely paws too....

we didn't want to forget so this is an early birthday card for you.HAPPY BIRTHDAY X

I've only got one dress Hammy...shall I wear it ?