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pastry girl for @fluffbakebar! the original sugar hooker and a cheftestant on Top Chef #JustDesserts Season 2! xoxo

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if only it were true... I guess I'll have to come to austin. #imhungry

look how excited ninja and poppy are!

better hurry! there are 10 couch potato ice cream sandwiches left !!! xoxo

if you missed the couch potato ice cream sandwich... never fear! will have a few at White Linen Nights!

today is a perfect day for a couch potato ice cream sandwich! pick one up ... xoxo

I warned you... tomorrow . couch potato ice cream sandwich. xoxo

rhubarb & geranium honey (from Paris, of course) kolache tomorrow #kolachepopup 8am. xoxo

yuzu and blackberry kolache? yes please! tomorrow 8 am! don't be late. xoxo

shhh... don't tell there will be a rhubarb kolache Saturday ! #kolachepopup xoxo

...even the French know freezer pops.

do you approve?

oh snaps! look who's following me!!! #loveit xoxo

#lebriochepopup starts in 24 minutes! ! come on down!

don't for get to set your alarm for tomorrow! 8 am #lebriochepopup & are baking away!

16 pounds of plugra and counting. #lebriochepopup #saturday ! xoxo

Le Brioche Pop-Up this Saturday ! come join & ! there might be a bronut! xo

qu'ils mangent de la brioche? mais bien sûr! Saturday & ! bisous!

sounds good! there's also a moonpie cake!

well, you see... I wouldn't want to be a copycat.

...did you see this?