smelly cat


a diamond in a pile of cow shit

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I am the best bug sorter in the business. You should all be proud of me.

How the fuck is this Cinderella.

I applaud you.

What the


I'm that one with blue thingys on my face and weird hair yay

#StronglyAttractedTo Darren Everett Criss.

I know this is a fail but yeah #iloveyou #eventhoughmytshirtsayssomethingabouthate #ilookfunny

I found this really cute so I bought it and now it's on my wall tehe

Can you tell which one's Damian and which one's Chris? #twinsiiiieeess

I love deem.

Do you have to make me feel like there's nothing left of me.

Who gave you the right.

There's a little teddy bear next to Shrek's ear how did that get there that's fucking sCARY

<- dis girl loves dat ass.

I was that kid that would sleep at weddings.

looook what I found. I love this <3


The way Kurt's looking at him. He doesn't look happy or in love. He looks sad. Why. Why. WHY.

"I don't have time to work out." -Darren Criss. #FamousLies