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I don't feel the Father Christmas on this card quite portrays the spirit of the festive season...

  • 945 days ago via site
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Awkward moment at supermarket checkout, when I suddenly felt my particular combination of purchases required an explanation. Attempted to convey the (perfectly legitimate!) reasons behind the purchases, but failed, and just ended up looking greedy and weird :-(

  • 1047 days ago via site
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Cream cakes. Yum! Wait... fish? What?? Fish cream cakes?? Hot? Hot shaped cream what?? wtf?! *runs away screaming*

  • 1075 days ago via site
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Just tried to amend the appointment on BT's website. I think the error message says it all:

  • 1086 days ago via site
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...And at least that means I got the... er... 'Deep and Hard' achievement. Er... ahem. *blushes*

  • 1087 days ago via site
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Got a score of minus 85,425 on one level of #Hitman #Absolution last night (while getting the final playstyle I needed). Unfortunately, the collateral damage was much higher than I anticipated. Ooops ;-)

  • 1103 days ago via site
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AC2 is free on xbox this week. Just downloaded it, despite the fact that I have owned it on disk for several years but have never got round to playing it. My rationale is that downloading it will somehow change that :-/

  • 1105 days ago via site
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And here's what I bought at . NB Most of this is intended for other people! (in theory, at least ;-)

  • 1238 days ago via site
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Here's the cute little dessert I was trying to tweet earlier. Yum! :-)

  • 1238 days ago via site
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Tonight I will be finishing Torchlight, a cute old-school hack'n'slash RPG. My character is a very butch man, who looks like he belongs in a battle-ready version of the Village People.

  • 1264 days ago via site
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Watching a science documentary about cells, that has bizarre and unconvincing CGI. This virus being transported across a cell looks more like a blackberry being dragged along by a pair of tiny chicken legs :-/

  • 1279 days ago via site
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This is where I spent my weekend. Definitely no sign of snow ;-) #FarCry3

  • 1282 days ago via site
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Ridiculous end to a Friday: got home to discover someone failed to deliver 3 GIANT boxes of incontinence pads to our building by mistake (they had the wrong address!!) so they've just left them on our doorstep!!!! FFS!!!!!!! I LITERALLY don't understand how these things happen :-(

  • 1285 days ago via site
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Rushed to buy a "thank you" card on Friday. It's only now I'm writing it that I've just seen the inside. *ugh*

  • 1318 days ago via site
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My hair is not coping well with all this rain :-(

  • 1320 days ago via site
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Here's a photo of my new egg timer, which makes me smile whenever I'm in the kitchen :-)

  • 1340 days ago via site
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The *only* good thing about that delivery was that this arrived. I'm going to eat ALL of it, right now :-(

  • 1341 days ago via site
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I did love this final location in Conspiracy Road Trip, though. Stunning!

  • 1386 days ago via site
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Apparently there's an omelette shortage today at Colchester Hospital :-/

  • 1392 days ago via site
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Yay! FINALLY got the 'Pinnacle' achievement, thus completing the entire set of 76 #mw3 achievements. Woohoo! :-D

  • 1416 days ago via site
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