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350ml of soda left. #goodtoknow

Got my #Raspberrypi today!

One very wrinkly t-shirt

App Store genius recommendations sure look a lot like my routers login page

And these piles are just the backyard! #toomanyleaves

My homemade beer tastes like slightly carbonated, malted rubbing alcohol. A brewmaster, I am not.

So what came first? or Team UmizoomI?

This is what happens when you forget to put beer in the fridge on Friday afternoon

Grape Kool-Aid. Ohhhh.... Yeah!

Wondering what kind of robot needs ibuprofen.

This sign in Waterloo Park seems odd against a scorching July sky.

i think my version of thunderbird might be outdated...

They say guaranteed for 7 years, but I'm replacing them more than incandescents.

Having a drink with my fathers day present!

These non-qwerty smartphones are tricky to type on

found this in my uncles old stinky trailer, immediately thought of you.

why does this happen with every donut I leave your drive thru with?

Thanks for the tip, tag!

This thing always fascinates me

Wait... Do not use this battery?

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